Anegre’s new exteriority

At Anegre, we keep an equally close eye on what is not immediately visible – every detail and feature of our furniture – as on superficial elements, without which the reality would be perfect in its precision, yet devoid of charm. For that reason, we wanted to give our brand the visual form adequate to the quality of our products, and one which satisfies our clients’ expectations of the brand.
On our invitation, a graphic design studio from Warsaw – Dmowski & Co. – has provided us with comprehensive brand identification. The work lasted several months and included the logo itself, company designs, prints, the choice of lettering, the marking of fleet vehicles and the creation of a brand-new website, which allows you to read this very post.
The design premise was an identification concept able to make a subtle break from conventionalityin order to best illustrate the character of the brand. Outside contemporary trends, yet modern and unpretentious.
The result is a distinctive branding concept which is unreservedly elegant and quintessential, but not lacking in nuances and details. The infinity symbol incorporated within a signet beautifully binds the design and reflects a key company value – the limitless possibilities our clients have when entrusting Anegre with a project.
The choice of colours is also intentional and is a reference to a timeless and sophisticated colour palette, where deep green is the perfect companion to expressive anthracite and lively grey. The fine-drawn form of the company designs draws from the aesthetics of Italian modernism and, in particular, from one of its most interesting representatives – Gio Ponti.
In essence, we have combined everlasting quality with a new image, bearing in mind the assumption that form follows function, also when the appearance is to meet the substance. As a result, we have made the union of modernist logic, which is of equal importance to us, with a slightly eclectic, yet graceful finesse.



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