A virtually limitless furniture offer

Anegre’s offer covers a wide range of furniture design possibilities: from the kitchen, bathroom, living room, office, and reception furniture to cupboards and wardrobes to panel and wall constructions. We comprehensively furnish the interiors of apartments, offices, and hotels and participate in the design of public spaces.



The form of our completely individualized services owes to the multi-dimensional quality of our products and our comprehensive approach to the needs of our customers.

At Anegre, we respond to the needs of private and business customers as well as architects and designers. We have a proper understanding of the specifics of our industry and the nuances that distinguish private investments from commercial ones. Consequently, no matter what a specific project is about, we always approach it as individually as possible.

For us, quality has no limits. That is why our approach is appreciated by so many customers from abroad. Anegre is developing dynamically in both the domestic and European markets. At the moment, we are consolidating our position in Germany and becoming more and more active in France.




We always try to work together as partners with architects so that we can turn designs into shapes desired by the investors. Thanks to our awareness of what is currently relevant and our genuine sense of timeless qualities, we manage to understand the needs of our customers very well. 

For us, working with designers always means a detailed analysis of a vision and a very creative process: a search for appropriate materials and optimal solutions in aesthetic, technical, and functional terms.



Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to reach the objectives of the most demanding business customers, be it a villa complex on the Côte d’Azur, apartments in Monte Carlo or Paris, a guest house in Belgium, a property development project including 114 apartments in Hamburg, or a boutique project for the Marriott Hotel in Warsaw. 


Furniture that complements your brand

Today, venues and the emotions and experiences that they invoke play a big role in establishing a relationship with your brand’s audience. We believe that perfect workmanship and quality can help place your concepts in the right frameworks, even if refined furniture is only one of the emblems of your brand.


Diversity of custom furniture

Be it a luxurious showroom, office space, or a multiple-stage real estate project with hundreds of furnished apartments – regardless of project type and scale, we always apply the same level of precision to the works involved, living up to the expectations and earning the trust placed in Anegre.


For demanding customers

Our competence can be precisely measured: it equals the considerable number of implemented orders, even the most challenging and complex, and all our satisfied customers. One of the sources of that customer satisfaction is our individual approach.


Let’s cooperate

When cooperating with business customers, we always look for the best possible solution for them, regardless of the scale of the project or its kind. If you are in need of fitted furniture for your project, let us meet and discuss all the options. Get in touch with our team.


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