Trend books – let’s think like visionaries!


Nowadays, when the only constant in life is change, the ability to recognise and implement trends is essential. It is a kind of basis for building a coherent brand integrating all its processes.

Some companies, however, often confuse the trends of mass sales (and therefore marketing trends) with those that are needed to build a brand, product or service development strategy. It is also worth noting that in recent years the very concept of “change” has been tremendously altered. Currently, it is not only a new product or service but a broadly understood company culture and structure focused on supporting development and creation. What is this “change” in our business? The answer to this question is only possible after the analysis of trends.

Below, we present you with several recommendations that allow you to delve into the world of trends. We also encourage you to search for studies that are best suited to your industry and the direction of development.


The General Trend Book

The General Trend Book is recognised by Lidewij Edelkoort as the main position, presenting trends two years ahead. This book expresses trends using inspirational visualisations, crucial combinations of colours, widely explained key words and texts in addition to fabrics and materials from around the world. The publication is carefully prepared by the Trend Union team.


Trend Book: Forecasting The Future Of Design

A design book with descriptions of upcoming trends, inspirational moodboards and the latest products. The guide is divided according to colours, materials and designs that help during design work regardless of whether they concern the arrangement of your own apartment, home for a client or a hotel on a paradise island.

The Trend Design Book Portal is, moreover, referred to as one of the best sources of information for trend creators and authors who want to find all of the upcoming trends in one place. On the website you can find both macro trends – which describe the main directions of changes and ways to use them – and strictly design trends regarding colours, designs, themes, materials or finishing patents.


Trends Map 2019 – Natalia Hatalska

The study gathers the most important trends defined in five categories: social, technological, economic, environmental and communication defined by the In addition, each of the trends is placed in a zone indicating the level of its maturity:

  • foresight – long-term perspective, the trend needs 20+ years to enter the mainstream
  • innovation – medium-term zone, the trend needs 5-20 years to enter the mainstream
  • reactive – short-term zone, the trend needs 1-5 years to enter the mainstream
  • new normal – current, leading trends.


To sum up, it is worth reaching for the Trend Book to leave the current perspective and to start thinking more like a visionary. Understanding trends strongly affects our awareness and, consequently, changes in our activities.



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