“Feeling at home” – the second part of the “Home made to measure” series


In the second part of the “Home made to measure” series, we decided to present to you a project that was the focus of our last campaign. In a house located in southern Poland and designed by the MOOMOO architectural design studio, we had a chance to fully implement our renowned strengths: our experience, flexibility and a very strong focus on the quality of service and materials.

For more than a decade, Anegre has been creating top quality custom furniture: from wardrobes and walk-in closets, to kitchen and bathroom furniture, all made to individual specification. Nothing is impossible for our furniture workshop. To fulfil your dreams, we always look for the best materials and the right technology.


Outside photos: Grzegorz Pędzich – thanks to MOOMOO.
Inside photos: Marek Swoboda.

You can get a glimpse of the results of our work by following us on
Facebook and Instagram and by reviewing the “Our furniture” tab on our website. And now, it is time for our conversation with Jakub Majewski and Łukasz Pastuszko, the creators of MOOMOO.


Anna Szymańska: What distinguishes you from other architectural design studios?

MOOMOO: I’m tempted to say that in present times everything has become global and similar to one another, but there is one thing that makes us different: we work with investors in all nooks and crannies of Poland and all around the world. Thirteen years ago, we decided that if we were to design architecture the way we wanted, we would not be afraid to travel. That approach led to great rewards, because on the local market where MOOMOO originated from, that is in the city of Lodz, not many people understood buildings the way we did. Today, designing architecture for any location is standard procedure, but 13 years ago our colleagues looked at us with incredulity.


Anna Szymańska: Modern or classic style? What is dearer to your hearts? Which projects feel better to you? 

MOOMOO: We were always drawn to modern and perhaps even to contemporary style. Still, we have never wanted to define what we do narrowly. We have affinity to both modern, high-tech homes and to condos or old tenement houses with souls. We both feel great in all those styles and all such places personally.

We’ve always designed in harmony with our feeling and that’s what our clients appreciate. People keep asking why a house we designed is black or why there are no windows in another one, but such decisions are always the outcome of what we and our investors are feeling.


Anna Szymańska: What matters more to you: functionality or appearance? 

MOOMOO: Functional and ugly, or pretty and not functional? That doesn’t make sense! You need both.


Anna Szymańska: Our series is called “Home made to measure.” With that in mind, what is the value of using dedicated solutions and choosing custom design or furniture

MOOMOO: Dedicated solutions are designed for you to feel at home. To feel good. Not everything needs to be “custom made”, but people are different and it’s good to design the space where you live so that it feels yours, not someone else’s.


Anna Szymańska: Looking back at the project we collaborated on, which part of that house is your favourite? Is there a room, a piece of furniture, or a solution that makes you particularly proud

MOOMOO: Definitely the kitchen, or rather the kitchen area. That part of the house is especially dear to us in terms of its functionality because it is big enough to allow for two complementary parts: a “prep” area, for dirty work, and an open area with a kitchen island. There is also a “wine cellar”, a hidden space behind two kitchen cupboard fronts, a sort of Batman’s cave, where treasure in bottles is kept


Anna Szymańska: In the current situation, there is one more question I need to ask… What has your work been like during the pandemic? Have you enjoyed the forced “home office” mode, or quite the opposite

MOOMOO: We have worked on windowsills, at the dining table, in the chillout zone filled with pillows: everywhere


Łukasz Pastuszka and Jakub Majewski,  MOOMOO



Called one of the 30 best architectural design studios in the world by the British “Wallpaper” magazine, MOOMOO was started after Jakub Majewski and Łukasz Pastuszko participated in an architectural design workshop together, in their junior and senior years at university. Their international experience allows them to take up any projects in Poland and globally: from private to commercial, to residential buildings. For more, go to: https://moomoo.pl/pl.


Looking for a workshop that will create top quality custom furniture for you: wardrobes and walk-in closets, fitted kitchen and bathroom furniture? Reach out to us. We create comprehensive sets of furniture for residential, office and public spaces, as well as for hotels: https://www.anegre.pl.





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