Boutique beauties of Europe


Boutique hotels are like the most desirable fashion models in the world of accommodation: elegant, sexy and designed to impress. Regardless of whether they are located in the city, by the sea, in the mountains, or whether they have four or more rooms – they shine, stimulate the senses and become addictive.

Below we present you with a subjective selection of European boutique beauties. Vacation time: start!


Ion Adventure Hotel, Iceland

In an abandoned hostel, a place where fire meets ice, a boutique hotel was created offering ecological luxury and the opportunity to discover the indisputably best places in Iceland.

Located in the south-western city of Selfoss, Ion is easily accessible from various parts of the country and provides a fantastic base for exploring the island: from excursions to the volcanic wonders of Mount Hengill to trips to Reykjavik. The unique landscape plays a key role in the extremely carefully thought-out design of the hotel, which is based largely on Iceland’s sustainable practices and natural character. In 45 rooms, guests can expect a pleasant mixture of concrete and grey combined with warm accents of local wood and lava. The Silfra Restaurant & Bar’s cuisine (based on natural ingredients), the scenic Northern Lights bar and the partially uncovered lava spa fulfil the impression that visitors can experience the best of Iceland before even going outside.


Chapter Roma, Italy

Located in the historic Roman district of Regola, the Chapter Roma occupied a neoclassical building from the late 19th century and, as it’s been operating on the market for a short time, it is associated with bold contemporary design inspired by its surroundings
. Situated on a street previously known for its blacksmiths, the hotel is a showcase of raw steel, brass, copper and bronze presented on canvas with exposed brick and vaulted ceilings. The rooms, on the other hand, are provocatively free of art, which is supposed to promote a place for reflection.  After going outside, guests are immersed in Renaissance architecture, streets free of cars and are a short walk from the Jewish district, the Ponte Garibaldi bridge and many picturesque squares.

Wiesergut, Austria

A white, four-storey house surrounded by old mountains rises over a complex of minimalist, modern buildings with floor-to-ceiling windows which enable you to contemplate the impeccable alpine landscape.

Josef and Martin Kröll transformed the 14th century family-estate into a modern resort that exudes organic warmth and comfort. It is a sanctuary of light, nature and fresh air as well as of craftsmanship and handicrafts. You can choose from 24 apartments equipped with custom-made furniture and accessories by Austrian designers exclusively for Wiesergut. From hand-blown glass chandeliers to beautiful forms of beds and chests of drawers – everything here is unique. Chefs combine Austrian classics with an experimental type of cuisine flavoured with fresh herbs grown in the garden – literally within arm’s reach. This alpine hideout is perfect as a base for summer hikes or winter skis and after such excursions you can relax and unwind in a professional spa which uses carefully selected organic cosmetics.

Farol Hotel, Portugal

This luxurious beachfront hotel is located between the sands of Guincho Beach and the picturesque Cascais fishing village which, in the 1950s, was a hideout for the kings and queens of Europe. The 33 rooms are ‘dressed’ by renowned Portuguese fashion designers and the sumptuous tones accentuate the cool black and white interiors which refer to the royal history of the building. The entire structure of this gracious sanctuary has been designed to blur the boundaries between the building and its stunning natural surroundings: a salt-water pool with waves and a lush garden terrace are just a few examples of the philosophy of this place.


Hôtel Sezz Saint-Tropez, France

Saint-Tropez, a town located in the heart of the beautiful French Riviera, is known for its rows of private yachts moored along the waterfront and a stream of film stars attracted by the natural beauty of the region.

Sezz Saint-Tropez consists of 37 elegantly furnished rooms and villas designed by Christophe Pillet and are surrounded by an abundant wooded park. A little further away from the centre of chic and bustling Saint-Tropez, the hotel allows guests to delve deep into their holiday and chill out. The design creates the impression that the hotel is built of light and air – the smell of salt water and a warm breeze can almost be felt from bed.


Vora, Grecja

The Greek island of Santorini is famous for its white houses, churches with blue domes, narrow streets and breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea. This list of benefits is now growing as it is extended by a place that is a combination of luxury and tradition that literally hangs on the cliffs of the famous island. Vora is a villa carved into caves suspended high above the sea. Due to its location, the facility was made without the use of heavy construction machines. The unusual character of the place is complemented by the volcanic environment and the minimalist style of the Cycladic décor: custom-made furniture, soothing with a palette of beige and grey, plus dark brown wood and a small private pool.


The photos used in the article come from the official websites of the presented hotels.




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